Bhuiyan & Associates

 Md. Zakir Hossain Bhuiyan is  owner of this Law Firm based Dhaka in Bangladesh. The law firm has a dedicated team of associates and independently practicing professionals who are qualified to provide high quality research work, supporting drafting work, documents handling and paralegal assignments. During the last few years, the Law Firm has also diversified into a variety of emerging areas which are outside the scope of conventional legal practice in Bangladesh.

Law Firm’s professionals and experts in diverse fields constitute its strength. Law Firm’s member Attorney are committed to providing quality legal services in Bangladesh with a client centered and result-oriented approach to the practice and further committed to follow the highest standard of fair practice and ethics.

“Bhuiyan & Associates” strongly believe in continuously updating our knowledge and skill base, which keeps us abreast of the latest developments in International & Bangladesh law and helps us provide our clients with creative legal solutions on worldwide basis including Bangladesh.

In tune with the changing economic scenario in Bangladesh, Law Firm, over the years, has developed multi disciplinary practice capable of addressing and resolving several business and legal issues facing its clients in Bangladesh. The nature of our clientele encompasses a wide spectrum of individuals and entities that includes both foreign and Bangladesh corporations and several governmental and international agencies.

“Bhuiyan & Associates” is driven by the strong conviction that a Law Firm has to stay ahead of the needs of its clients. To this extent Law Firm has always attempted to ensure that the legal problems likely to affect its clients are addressed on a proactive basis. Providing practical business solutions instead of just legal solutions has been our credo. Law Firm constantly endeavors to build its expertise to keep pace with the potential gray areas which have posed new challenges to the client.

”Bhuiyan & Associates” provides relevant legal services expertly, promptly and in a cost-effective manner to assist clients in achieving their business objectives. Bhuiyan & Associates is widely known as a pragmatic, constructive and result-oriented firm.  Law Firm’s practice groups are at the leading edge of Bangladeshi’s legal developments.  Law Firm makes full use of our experienced support personnel and the latest technology to improve the productivity of its lawyers.

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