Corporate legal departments have been saturated with excellent legal expertise from outside counsel; however, there have been few advisers who have offered effective management consulting advice to legal department leaders.

Argopoint legal consultants have extensive experience identifying legal department opportunities for improvement and recommending practical implementable solutions.

Please note, Argopoint LLC is not a law firm; it does not offer, and is not authorized to provide, legal advice or counseling in any jurisdiction.   Argopoint, LLC is a management consulting firm and not a CPA firm: we do not provide attest services, audits, or other engagements in accordance with standards established by any public accounting regulatory authority in any jurisdiction.

Our legal consulting approach always begins with a diagnostic.  We perform an assessment of the current organization and how that organization might be optimized to further support the business goals. We look at how both structure, processes, and people are contributing to the effectiveness of the department, and recommend alternative approaches, when warranted.

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